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Vancouver Photo Lab stands out from Photo & Canvas printing competition because of its high-quality materials and rigorous attention to detail, which allows us to achieve 100% client satisfaction throughout British Columbia.

We provide excellent photo and video editing, graphics design, laminating, and professional headshot services tailor-made for branding that is loved and admired all over Canada.



We understand the value of branding and the positive impact it can have on your business. We also appreciate how branding has developed over time to become a crucial factor in deciding a company’s success in the current day. We at Vancouver photo lab provide industry-leading quality at a competitive price in a world where pictures and images capture the most significant amount of attention. In particular, when it comes to printing and canvas wrapping, we produce custom designs that can be altered in various ways to guarantee that each of our customers is completely delighted with the final result. We are also committed to using 100% locally made materials to return to our community.

Vancouver Photo Lab is also bringing new innovations in the field of printing. We recently launched our photo collage feature where our customers can easily upload their photos and customize a photo collage. They can add multiple images and design the picture with various tools that are available on our website. They can then print the image in either Metal print, Photo poster, or Canvas print and order the product directly from the comfort of their home. Our team of experienced personnel will craft the product in accordance with your request and send it to your doorstep throughout Canada.

The Vancouver photo lab also provides branding and personal headshot services. We recognize that personal branding may help you boost your portfolio. Therefore, we provide professional headshots with studio lighting to give you that polished, professional look and feel that everyone desires. 

Whether you need a gorgeous photo taken to be the face of your company or a professional portrait done, we at Vancouver photo lab are here to assist. We are confident that you will find our services to be valuable.

We also offer passport picture printing services, which are ideal for Canadians who have finally resumed travel after a long period of recovery from the pandemic and may want assistance with travel photographs and other documentation. We strictly follow all of the authority’s laws and regulations to ensure that your papers are not returned due to a fatal error in the photo that we have taken.

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Vancouver is a major city in western Canada and has the highest population in British Columbia, with 662,248 people living in the city. It also has the highest population density anywhere in Canada, with more than 5,400 people living per square kilometer. Vancouver has some of the best climates in all of Canada, with plenty of sunshine during summer. Vancouver is also a vibrant city with a rich history dating back to colonial times. Vancouver is also one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, with housing prices one of the highest in all of Canada. But with many amenities and a pleasant climate, Vancouver is a great city to live in and start a family for young adults.

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Our desire to be the greatest image printing studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, is driven by outstanding customer service, fast delivery, and 100% client satisfaction.

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Awarded Best Canadian Photo Lab in Vancouver for Proficient Business, Real Estate, Outdoor, Actor Headshots, from clicked to print high quality photos.


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