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Vancouver Photo Lab

We scan important documents, photos, photo prints in very high quality with in less time frame. Visit our location nearby Vancouver, port coquitlam, maple ridge,

Not all heroes wear capes, we help scan to save any potential future loss.

Preserving old photos or documents as just become easier, without our service we are able to digitalize any piece of important blueprint. 

We offer our scanning service to do the best job that we can to provide you efficiency needed in preserving the important and meaningful things in your life whether if it is artwork, blueprints, pictures to store and organized for safekeeping. We digitalize them in any outlet that you prefer and assist in putting them in a safe place such as a usb or folder. If you have photo prints that you would like to scan and turn into canvas’ we also provide that, aswell.

Visit us today if you are looking for assistance in scanning any important documents!