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For anyone looking for services, Vancouverphotolab offer a one-stop solution for all your graphics need.

We provide excellent photo and video editing, graphics design, laminating, and professional headshot services tailor-made for branding that is loved and admired all over Canada.



North Vancouver is a densely populated city on the Capilano River bank with some of Canada’s best climates. The City receives plenty of sunshine in the summer and is well known for its hiking and skiing trails along the Grouse Mountain. Due to its weather and proximity to the sea, North Vancouver receives great tourist attention throughout the year. The main attractions include the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge that stretches 137 m across the canyon. In addition to Lonsdale Quay Market, Grouse Mountain Skyride, Capilano Salmon Hatchery, Capilano University, the North Vancouver Museum and Archives, and The Polygon, a contemporary art museum attracts many more tourists. The Economy in North Vancouver revolves around the shipyards made during the 20th century. Lumber, ore, and grain also play a major role in the livelihood of the locals. But in recent times, tourism has risen exponentially and has helped the local community grow and prosper.

Art and Cultural Hub

The City has a rich history of art, with more than 150 public artworks spread throughout the City. The calmness and the buzzing nature of the area prompt people of artistic backgrounds to venture into the heart of the City. The beautiful climate paired with the Polygon museum that has turned into a hub for people from different backgrounds only contributes to the amazing culture that the City possesses. Arts and culture have always been regarded as a top priority by the City when it comes to assessing the lifestyle and well-being of the population. By offering chances for community members to participate in artistic or cultural activities, the City fosters a pleasant atmosphere in which they may connect, considerably improving our sense of belonging and overall quality of life.

Activities in North Vancouver

There are a ton of activities one can enjoy in North Vancouver. Grouse Mountain Skyride and Quarry rock hiking are two great activities that everyone loves to enjoy. If you are visiting North Vancouver during the Christmas season, we highly recommend you to pay a visit to the Festival of light. The entry fee might be a bit steep, but the experience and view of the vivid Lightworks are truly worth it. It’s a great experience that everyone would enjoy at least once in their lifetime.

Other activities involve a day trip to Lynn Canyon park; this place is especially exciting for people who want to enjoy a calm and intimate time with nature. This place is also famous for some amazing views, and one can fully indulge themselves in drawing or taking pictures if they want to capture the true essence of the place.

We also offer printing and laminating services along with any photo or video editing expertise. We also have extensive expertise in photo restoration, and we can help you restore any of your old photos to make sure you can cherish the memory.

Along with these services, we also have an array of products like photo books and canvas prints along with different wedding gifts like customized Mugs or pillows that can be excellent souvenirs for anyone visiting the City. We also offer metal prints to make sure your memories last a lifetime. All our products and services are offered with quality in mind, and we only use the best and the most premium materials and no not compromise on quality. To learn more about the products and services we offer, head over to our website.

Overall, North Vancouver is a city that is built around its artistic history, and it is a breeding ground for creative people like photographers and artists. They usually need services that help them enhance their creativity and make it possible to showcase their talent to the world.


Vancouverphotolab offers a one-stop solution for all your graphics needs. We include several services, including Canvas wrapping (both wooden and metal), which is very popular among photographers.


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