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We at Vancouver Photo Lab have been in business for over 20 years and understand the value of a photograph and the memory it helps to preserve.

We provide excellent photo and video editing, graphics design, laminating, and professional headshot services tailor-made for branding that is loved and admired all over Canada.



 Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we provide canvas wrapping services across Canada to preserve the memories for future generations. Our canvas printing service is well-known for its high quality and attention to detail. We have a variety of materials to choose from, with wood and metal frames being some of the most popular. We also want all of our customers to be able to customize each and every aspect of the canvas completely, so we offer a variety of themes to choose from. From the thickness of the frame to the vast array of color options, we ensure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with the final product.

While canvas wrapping is an art in itself, due to wear and tear, select images require a little extra attention. We pay extra care to such photographs and provide a photo restoration service using our unique approach, which Vancouver Photo Lab created with the help of our 20 years of experience in the business. We don’t rely on a low-cost off-the-shelf solution for our photo restoration service, and we take great delight in duplicating some of the best photo restorations from around Canada. Every image is clear and detailed, even in difficult areas like the skin and eyes, which have no grain at all. Our service is well-liked across Canada, and we are confident in our ability to deliver the most significant results currently accessible.

At Vancouver Lab, we continuously develop and introduce new features that our clients like. Many of our clients have expressed unhappiness due to a lack of existing ideas. Choosing the perfect present can be difficult, especially if you are short on time. But, to help our clients solve this age-old problem, Vancouver Photo Lab is constantly developing and producing new solutions. We just implemented a Photo Collage function, which allows users to build their own designs using our comprehensive and easy-to-use tools. After that, you may order the product, and we’ll deliver them to your home. We also offer a variety of printing options, including canvas, image, and metal printing.

We are tremendously proud of our product for all of our digital services and provide lifelong support to all of our subscribers. Another source of pride for us is our excellent client service, and we offer scalable, on-demand graphic design, allowing firms to grow quickly. We provide a no-surprise pricing plan for all of our services so that you are aware of the costs connected with using them before you begin. We charge reasonable costs and are proud of the high quality of service we provide to our clients.

We provide high-quality printing service and gift items while ensuring 100% client satisfaction.

Lethbridge is a large city in Alberta with a land area of over 121 square kilometers and a population of over 1 million. Lethbridge became the fourth most populous city in Alberta and, with its rocky mountains, has been able to attract many tourists all around Canada.

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People who come to Lethbridge want to take some souvenirs with them for their loved ones, and Vancouver Photo Lab has been the sole provider for all photo-related products in Lethbridge.

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Awarded Best Canadian Photo Lab in Vancouver for Proficient Business, Real Estate, Outdoor, Actor Headshots, from clicked to print high quality photos.


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