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Headshots, laminating, and picture printing services of the highest quality are delivered right to your door anywhere in British Columbia.

We provide excellent photo and video editing, graphics design, laminating, and professional headshot services tailor-made for branding that is loved and admired all over Canada.



Being a photo printing company, we at Vancouver Photo Lab understand the importance of branding and how it can significantly impact businesses. There are many aspects of successful branding but what stands out most to customers is the image that businesses choose to portray. Needless to say, we as human consumes information most effectively when presented in a visual form. 

Therefore, at Vancouver Photo Lab, we carefully craft visuals for branding purposes. We have a state of the earth studio with quality lighting to take photos for your headshots. These images can then be used in marketing materials. We make sure to use the correct format to ensure quality so when printed on a large scale, for example, on a billboard, the photo quality is not lost. We also offer headshot services for portfolios to elevate your personal modeling gigs.

Besides headshot services, we also offer printing services for menu or photo id in bulk to allow our customers to print materials for their businesses at cheap rates. We offer the highest quality products in greater British Columbia at the most affordable rates. 

Our printing services complement our laminating services, where we provide an extra layer of protection for extra durability. We understand that some of your document needs to last for a long time and can hugely benefit from laminating services. We have a massive facility with the latest machinery to ensure you get the highest quality and allow for entertaining your requests of lamination of varied thickness, a feature very few can provide in Canada. 

Uncompromised high-quality printing services are now delivered at your footstep all over Greenwood, British Columbia.

Greenwood is a small city located in the province of British Columbia’s south-central area. Greenwood is officially the smallest city in Canada, although it has no shortage of rich history and community culture despite its size. It is located on Highway 3 between the Okanagan and Kootenay mountains in the Southern Interior, surrounded by natural beauty in the Monashee Mountains of the Boundary Region. Historically Greenwood was the epicenter of trade and culture and had a considerable population in the 50s. Still, after the industrial revolution, many of Greenwood’s industries were forced shut, and the city saw a substantial decline in population. 

But Despite this, the city does manage to attract quite a number of tourists each year thanks to its beautiful scenery, complemented by the mountains surrounding it. Few businesses are being opened to cater to the growing population, and Vancouver Photo Lab is a big player in providing printing services.

We also offer high-quality canvas prints and many physical products, which can be a good souvenir if you wish to visit this city.

Greenwood Canvas Printing


Impeccable quality and the use of locally produced materials, paired with fast shipping, has allowed Vancouver Photo Lab to gain trust and 100% client satisfaction all over British Columbia.

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