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Beautifully printed photo printing, photo restoration, and custom-built canvas stretching services that last a lifetime.

We provide excellent photo and video editing, graphics design, laminating, and professional headshot services tailor-made for branding that is loved and admired all over Canada.



For over 20 years, we have been the flag bearer of the best printing and canvas framing services all over Canada. We understand the importance of printing in today’s world, and whether you require some casual photos or something important for your next million-dollar marketing campaign, at Vancouver photo lab, we take great pride in promoting high-quality local material that is best adapted to be used in North American climate.

We exclusively print only on best quality papers which are made from 100% recyclable materials and free of acid and paired with our industry-leading colour that makes any painting pop; our canvas wrapping services are admired throughout Canada. We take extensive care in all our wrapping and deploy a combination of different materials and thicknesses to ensure your house’s true aesthetics are maintained. We offer various customization options to our clients and a wide range of thicknesses to cater to all needs.

We also provide photo restoration services using our own technology. Unlike many other companies, we are at the core is a printing company, and instead of using a premade of the shelf template, we have invested heavily in creating a custom algorithm that helps bring out the highlights to any photos and retain details on hair and skin like no other technique in the market. We understand the memory that is associated with pictures, and we take special care to make sure that it is preserved and no matter how old or degraded a picture is, our team of experts will always find a way to restore it.

Vancouver photo lab, your professional photo printing expert in Gibsons, Canada

Our photo and canvas printing services are well-liked and known throughout Canada, and we provide a great picture and video editing, graphics design, and professional headshot services suited for branding in addition to our photo and video editing services. The community of Gibsons is located in the southwestern part of British Columbia and is not accessible by road as you need to rely on a 40-minute crossing on a ferry from Powell River to Earls Cove. The ride itself is majestic and recommended for anyone travelling close to this part of Canada. There is also a rich history and a vagrant community that power Gibsons and the beautiful warm climate complements the beauty of the surrounding. There are quite a few tourist spots in the community, especially the side of the river, and for the longest time, we at Vancouver photo lab has served the community for all their printing needs, including marketing materials, passport prints lamenting, and so more.


Revolutionizing branding for maximizing sales

 We at Vancouver photo lab understand the importance of branding for your business and how crucial good quality images can be. We have an array of services to help you boost your branding through us to cater to your need.

First, we have solid expertise in graphics design and understand how to scale up any documents needed for your business. We also have services to print in bulk, like cards and flyers. We also design a logo to give your business a unique story to share. We do not use any premade template when designing any of our logos; therefore, you don’t have to worry about copyright issues like many others in the industry.

We also have professional headshot services to enhance your portfolio and have your face on all the marketing material. We have a powerful camera and studio lighting to get that professional look. You can visit our physical shop, and we can deliver the pictures directly to your doorstep.

Gibsons Canvas Printing.

We also provide home delivery all over Gibsons as well as other parts of Canada. We also entertain any request to quickly deliver products during urgent needs like a passport photo or photo for urgent and sensitive documents like PR documents and visa applications.

Canvas Photo Printing Gibsons

Awarded Best Canadian Photo Lab in Vancouver for Proficient Business, Real Estate, Outdoor, Actor Headshots, from clicked to print high quality photos.


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