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Vancouver Photo Lab


Framed Prints

Best & Top-notch Picture Framing for your Memories. Canvas printing and Art Prints on High Quality Frame. Walk-in or Order Picture framed prints online for fast shipping in Canada – Vancouver Photo Lab

Metals & Wood Options

Metals & Wood Options.

Custom framed prints

Custom frames available upon request.

Elevate your wall decor with our metal picture frames, made out of sleek metal from Canada, our frames will add character to your prints by covering the edges with a polished surface.  

Made out of Canadian Ashwood, these wooden frames add a rustic and homie touch to your pictures. Great with lifting a home with accents of the country. Comes available in Black & White.

The art of picture framing.

The perfect complement to your photos or digital art

Every image is carefully printed on premium 255gsm vibrant luster fine art paper, ideal for high resolution digital art and photographic imagery. The results? A crisp, high-quality and detailed image print.

The art of picture framing

Perfect Framed Prints

When it comes to our metal and wood framed prints, we spare no effort in creating lasting masterpieces. Our metal frames boast a sleek, contemporary look, while our wood frames exude timeless elegance.

Regardless of your choice, our printing technology remains consistent, using pigment-based inks that resist fading, preserving the vibrancy of your artwork for generations to come.

Vancouver Photo Lab is your partner in transforming your cherished moments into captivating wall art, combining the finest printing equipment with a dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship. Discover the perfect framed print to complement your space and create an enduring visual masterpiece.