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Canvas prints, headshots, and picture printing services of the highest quality are delivered right to your door anywhere in British Columbia.

We provide excellent photo and video editing, graphics design, laminating, and professional headshot services tailor-made for branding that is loved and admired all over Canada.



For more than two decades, we have been the leading provider of high-quality printing and canvas framing services in Canada. The importance of printing in today’s world cannot be overstated, and whether you require a few casual photos or something important for your next multimillion-dollar marketing campaign, we at Vancouver photo lab take great pride in promoting high-quality local material that is best suited for use in the harsh North American climate.

When it comes to canvas wrapping, we only use the highest quality papers that are 100 percent recyclable and free of acid. This is combined with our industry-leading color that really brings any artwork to life. Our canvas wrapping services are renowned throughout Canada. 

Every aspect of our wrapping is done with meticulous attention to detail, and we employ a variety of different fabrics and thicknesses to guarantee your home’s genuine beauties are preserved. We provide our customers with a variety of customization choices as well as a wide range of thicknesses to meet their specific requirements.

We also provide photo restoration services, which are carried out utilizing our exclusive technology. Instead of employing an off-the-shelf template like many other firms, we have invested hard in developing an algorithm that helps bring out the highlights in any photo while maintaining the details in hair and skin, and it is safe to say that no other approach on the market can come even close to the level of quality we provide. 

We understand the emotional attachment that people have to images, and we take extra care to ensure that it is preserved to the best of our ability. No matter how old or damaged a photograph is, our team of professionals will always find a solution to restore it to its original condition.

Vancouver photo lab, your professional photo printing expert in Fernie, Canada

Fernie is a town in the southeastern bank of British Columbia, Canada, that is part of the East Kootenay area and is located in the Elk Valley sector of the region. As a place to live, Fernie is exceptional, providing more amenities than a typical small town while still attracting people around the country and providing an inspiring, dynamic culture and artistic scenery for everyone to enjoy.

 The city does receive quite a bit of snowfall and is a great tourist attraction, especially during the season when people start skiing. This is further complemented by the number of mountains surrounding the city, and there have been many resorts being built with the skiing theme in mind. These resorts are very successful in attracting foreign tourists around the globe, and Vancouver Photo lab is proud to be a partner to these industries as being their primary photo printing partner.

Fernie Canvas Printing

High-quality materials combined with meticulous attention to detail are what distinguishes Vancouver Photo Lab from the competition and allow us to achieve 100 percent client satisfaction in Fernie, British Columbia.


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