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Vancouver Photo Lab

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We are a small business offering 100% locally crafted printed items and offer shipping in and around British Columbia. All our products are made locally in British Columbia and we take much pride in the quality we provide.

Our print and Canvas printing & wrapping services provide excellent quality and are loved all over Canada.



Being a leading print company in Vancouver, Canada, we understand the value of a great picture and the love that goes in wrapping it in a canvas. Canvas printing & wrapping is not just a service but a compilation of memories for our customers and us, and we take great pride in providing the best materials for all our services.

We offer both wooden and metal framing options to help elevate your wall decoration. Our frames are designed to add a sense of character and complement your wall perfectly. We have an array of options in terms of color and materials so that our canvas wrapping is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

High-quality photo and video editing

Photo and video are an essential part of our life and one of the primary ways to hold on to our memories. Here at VancouverPhotoLab, we have a team of qualified editors who understands the importance of great editing techniques and deliver excellent quality. We also have photo restoration services available and go beyond the typical off-the-shelf software methods and deploy a complex system of extensive research and deploy quality personals to bring out the highlights of complex elements like the skin, hairs and eyes to make the results strikingly similar to the original image. We offer photo retouching as well with clever techniques to elevate your social presence with professional-looking photos.

Top photo print and canvas printing in Burnaby

Burnaby is a town located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and complements arts and culture in the same vein as the greater Vancouver area. It is located in the middle of the Burrard Peninsula, bordering the City of Vancouver to the west and the District of North Vancouver to the east. It is a part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Being a resident of the city is a pleasure, with lush greenery and itineraries will most certainly provide a fantastic experience.

Burnaby is a cultural hub and popular among light-minded tourists, and activities like hiking and skiing are popular in this area. In addition, many individuals travel to the various film studios in the area, and people take pictures of various attractions. There are many beautiful places to visit. Tourists often prefer to get printing services directly from the Vancouver photo lab due to the impeccable quality associated with our brand. Along with the list of services like Canvas wrapping, printing, and Graphics design we also have a whole list of products that you can take as a souvenir for your loved ones. There is an extensive list of customized gift items you can buy. We offer to turn your memorable pictures into gifts that will last a lifetime. Our customized pillowcases and mug are best-selling items you can pick as souvenirs when traveling into Burnaby.

What makes our custom printed products so great?

Being a print company, we understand the art of creating high-quality flawless prints on customizable products like Mugs and Pillows that can be excellent gifts for your loved ones.

Canvas Printing Burnaby

 We want your picture narrative to be one that you come back to time and time again to enjoy and offer beautifully crafted Picture books. To ensure that your picture book looks as polished and clean as possible for decades to come, the bindings of our photo books are hand-stitched with double-thick thread. Our picture paper ensures that your photographs are razor-sharp, crisp, and glossy when printed.

Canvas Photo Printing Burnaby

Awarded Best Canadian Photo Lab in Vancouver for Proficient Business, Real Estate,Outdoor, Actor Headshots, from clicked to print high quality photos.


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