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Superior quality and the use of 100% local material helped Vancouver Photo Lab to become the best printing and canvas wrapping company in Canada.

We provide excellent photo and video editing, graphics design, laminating, and professional headshot services tailor-made for branding that is loved and admired all over Canada.



“What gunpowder did for war, the printing press has done for the mind,” with that in mind, we take great pride in providing the most outstanding photo and canvas printing service in the country. While we consider canvas printing and wrapping to be an art form, it does need meticulous attention to detail and knowledge of the passion and emotion that goes into making the artwork. We understand the emotional impact of a canvas print and go out of our way to help our clients preserve their most precious memories. To guarantee that the paper’s integrity is maintained for as long as feasible and that the final product survives the test of time, we only utilize high-quality materials and acid-free press paper.

At Vancouver Photo Lab, we take great pride in providing the best passport photo services in the country. Many people resumed travel after the pandemic, necessitating the usage of picture services for all of their travel documents. Our team of experts ensures that all photos taken in our studio meet the authority’s requirements and that your important document is not returned due to a bad shot.

Because we believe in supporting our community, we also take pride in using only locally produced materials instead of  low-cost imported materials. Imported materials are less suited to the Canadian climate than local resources. Our products are also put through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that any minor problems are detected and corrected before they are delivered to our customers, assuring 100% customer satisfaction every time.

Innovation has always been a core principle here in the Vancouver photo lab. Over the years, we have designed many gift products like customized photo mugs and pillow covers that are curated to build a strong personal bond. We recently took photo customization up a notch and introduced a photo collage feature that you can do yourself just like you want. You do not need any advanced skill to do it; our complete cloud solution lets anyone create beautiful-looking photo collages right from our website, even without needing to install any apps. You can then print these photos on our special photo paper or metal canvases to make a gift that lasts a lifetime. 

We are dedicated to offering excellent service and quick delivery all across Beaumont, Alberta.

Beaumont is the newest city in Alberta, located at the intersection of highway 625 and 814. The town is next to Edmonton and has all the amenities within a 4km radius, making it one of the most popular cities to move into. The city has a rich history dating back to the colonial era when the French ruled the place. There is still a definite French architectural vibe present in the city’s buildings. Beaumont has recently turned into an independent city and has seen an increase in population and many new businesses being opened.

The need for high-quality branding and printing services to cater to all of the companies here in Beaumont, Alberta, is consistently rising, 

Beaumont Canvas Printing Lab


Vancouver photo lab has long been a local name for all printing needs in the city. We also provide quick shipping across Canada to ensure our customers receive the most exemplary service possible.

Beaumont Photo Printing Lab

Awarded Best Canadian Photo Lab in Vancouver for Proficient Business, Real Estate, Outdoor, Actor Headshots, from clicked to print high quality photos.


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